Tips for the Elderly on their First Cruise Trip

Tips for the Elderly on their First Cruise Trip

Traveling on a cruise is quite popular among senior citizens who enjoy traveling to various parts of the world. Every year, more than seventy percent of cruise tickets are booked by individuals above the age of 55. Below we’ve listed some tips which can help the elderly make their cruise travel truly memorable: Find an advantage plan here

Test the waters with a short cruise

If you haven’t been on a cruise travel before, you can start out by picking a short cruise (3-4 days) to know whether you enjoy your journey or not. Also, it is good to be flexible when it comes to the date of your travel in order to receive great discounts.

Research beforehand

Take a look at different shore excursions for seeing which of them seem to be interesting & book your ticket beforehand so that you don’t miss out.

Check for senior citizen discounts

Almost every cruise provides discounts for their customers. For instance, you can often find a special drink package. It might be worth to purchase a package of soft drinks if you’re on a tour with your grand kids.

Select a ship that is not too big

Even though these type of ships may not offer as many entertainment and dining options, they’re likely to be less crowded with most offering excursions which focus on culture & history of the region. Also, smaller cruises often travel to the ports that are more remote as compared to big cruises.

Consider an insurance policy

Many cruise lines won’t let you cancel your booking if it’s too close to the date of your departure. In case you’re reserving a long cruise which costs a hefty amount, it can be a wise idea to buy a trip cancellation insurance policy.

Packing checklists

Packing checklists make sure you bring all the things that are required for your travel. You could simply search the web for finding various checklists.

Reach the departure port at least 24 hrs ahead of time

You might get in trouble in case the flight is delayed for a particular reason. Hence, planning to arrive 24 hrs earlier can help you avoid rushes as well as unanticipated delays.

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