Five Exams For a Healthy Body

Most people wish to be healthy and know they need to watch their food intake and to do some form of exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another consideration would be to get a yearly physical from one’s own physician. The physician will examine you to find out if your body is working properly and all physical systems are working to their full potential. A doctor may order several tests to accomplish obtaining the information he will need to see you have a healthy body.

When going to a doctor, one of the first tests he will administer is the taking of your blood pressure. This is a good starting point to see if your heart is working properly. Anyone with one of the many Medigap plans will have this covered by insurance. Many people have hypertension and can be determined by taking the blood pressure. High or low pressure can have significant problems for the patient. A doctor can advise taking of certain medicines to help with this ailment.

Heart disease is something many people worry about. Especially if they have a family history with family members having had heart attacks or high blood pressure. The tests administered may be an EKG, ECG, Echos and Coronary calcium scan. These tests will help the doctor to know if there is any problems with one’s heart. It is a good idea to have your doctor prescribe these tests before one decides on any strenuous activity or exercise regime.

When one has a family history of breast cancer in their family, it is essential to have regular mammograms to catch any irregularities sooner than later. Feeling the the breast for any lumps may not be enough to determine if there is any problem. A mammogram is an x-ray that can see inside the breast for any lumps or cancerous problems.

We all have cholesterol in our bodies, but only need a small amount. When the amount of cholesterol is too great it can settle in the arteries and narrow them, so the blood has a hard time getting through. This can cause a heart attack. It is important to know one’s levels of high density Lipoprotein and low density Lipoprotein to have a healthy heart. Your triglycerides which is another fatty material that can also clog the arteries.

Getting a yearly blood test will help a doctor to see if there are any abnormalities that may have to do with your illness. Your platelet count is very important to determine if you are ill. When doing a full blood test, they may include your thyroid to see if it is functioning normally.