Common Misconceptions about Finance and Aging

Common Misconceptions about Finance and Aging

There are common, disturbing conceptions among people who are 65 and older and money. It is these misconceptions that make older adults make wrong financial decisions. These conceptions are some of the reasons aging individuals have issues with their personal finance. You might also be having these misconceptions, and it is high time you knew about them and do the right thing so that you don’t suffer the consequences of believing in those misconceptions.

Let us take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about aging and finance among senior citizens.

1.      Older adults think or believe they have more money than they actually do

This is one of the most disturbing misconceptions about finance and aging, and it is making many seniors spend without a plan until they find themselves in tight financial situations. While it is encouraging to be positive and appreciate your current financial situation, you should not believe that you have more and enough money to make you live luxuriously for the rest of your life.

Instead of thinking that you have more money, and just enjoying life without having a spending plan, you might deplete your savings and be forced to struggle financially. This is definitely the last thing you want to happen to you at your twilight years.

2.      Older adults think that their families will come in and help during financial difficulty

Most people who are 65 years an above, especially those who have grown children and relatives who are financially stable tend to think that their families will definitely step up and help them when they start having problems with their finances. While it can sometimes be necessary for families to help you financially, you should not always bank on it because they might not be as generous as you believe they are. Instead of banking on your family and relatives, take charge of your personal finance by spending smartly, and investing wisely to grow wealth so that you can have enough money to live on.

3.      Seniors think that they will remain healthier than they will actually be so head to for Medicare Supplement Rates 2020 since as you age, you become more susceptible to diseases, and the cost of treating age-related conditions can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many seniors think that they are, and will remain healthier as they age than they will actually be. For this reason, they fail to take appropriate health insurance cover to caution them against using their own money when they start to experience health issues and conditions.

Useful Public Transport Tips for Senior Citizens

Useful Public Transport Tips for Senior Citizens

Enjoying life while you are keeping safe and ensuring that you don’t lose anything that belongs to you are the primary goals for most seniors. Travelling the world and visiting your dream holiday destinations is one of the best ways to enjoy your twilight years to the maximum. While you might have your own luxury car and you can afford a private jet, there are times you will have to rely on public transport especially if you are travelling abroad. If you travel abroad, you might opt to take a bus or use a taxi. Good thing is, public transport is less stressful and much easier for the elderly in many cities across the globe. While public transportation may be an ideal solution for many older adults, is does present a number of possible dangers and complications. By taking simple precautions and using common sense, seniors can enjoy their travel and move around safely. If you are 65 years or older, and you are considering using public transport during your next travel, you should keep the following tips on mind to travel safely.

  • Stay alert throughout the journey

If you are using a bus or a train, you should always stay alert at all times especially if you are carrying anything valuable. You should avoid napping at all cost. Otherwise, you might end up losing your shopping bag or purse to conmen who often tend to target seniors.

  • Be wary of those passengers who too close to you

You might notice that there are many unoccupied seats in the bus or train but some passenger just insists on sitting too close to you. Be wary of such people because they might not be up to any good. If you are feeling uncomfortable, it is advisable that you just move.

  • Keep your bus fare ready

Before you enter into a bus, you should have your bus fare ready and if possible, have the fixed amount that you are supposed to pay. This will help you avoid losing your balance when searching for change.

  • Avoid carrying too many packages

To travel easily and with reduced stress, you should avoid carrying many packages. Always make sure that one hand is free so that you can use to grasp railings.

  • Watch your steps carefully

When you enter or leave a bus, you should always watch your steps carefully and be careful when stepping on uneven or slippery pavement.

Unusual Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Living healthy is the most important goal you should strive to achieve. A healthy body and mind make you happy and able to do more. You are able to reduce everyday medical cost by just taking important measures to watch your health.  There are many things in life that you can do when you are healthy. This makes it your most important duty to take care of your health. Apart from the usual healthy living tips that you need to embrace which include eating healthy, exercising and drinking plenty of water, there is more to it.

Here are four unusual tips nobody talks about to a healthy lifestyle.

Take preventive measures

medicare supplement plans for 2019Preventive is better than cure, so they say. Don’t wait until you get sick to start taking precautions on your health. Preventive measures include eating healthy, doing exercise, taking water as required and the like. The other important preventive measures are to get medical checkup regularly.  Get your cholesterol checked, cancer screening your teeth checked for cavity and any another medical checkup that can be done periodically. Most of the health centers and governments at large provide free screenings once in a while. You should take advantage of the free centers to get checked by specialists.


A clean body and mind promote your health. A clean mind is the one that is free of many thoughts. Make yourself as happy as possible and avoid situations that can cause you stress will lead to a clean mind.  On the other hand, you should ensure you have a clean body. The body can be physically clean but inside dirty. What do I mean with this? When you start taking substances that can harm your body like smoking and excessive alcohol intake you will end up with a dirty body. Smoking is one of the contributing factors to various health issues. You should do away with it.

Become Financially Stable

Being financially stable doesn’t mean you are super wealthy. It simply means you have very low stress due to having your finances in order. For Seniors the best way to ensure this is to have proper medical insurance from Medicare. That and a Medigap plan ensures all your bills will be paid, or at least most of them. At you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2019. This plan offers excellent coverage with low premiums.


What happens when you are alone? You have an inner being who you’re conversing with. This is your spirit. Making your spirit clean and happy can improve your health. Most of the people embrace their religious believes to feed their spirit. These things happen, for example, if you are a staunch Christian you can confine yourself with the church and pray to God and it works. Not only in Christianity but also it happens to each person’s believe.

Final word

These three tips have been proven to contribute to someone’s healthy being. We are what we take in including food and words. When you had a very bad day and you feel so bad, it is your spirit that is hurting and can even ruin your health.

Tips for the Elderly on their First Cruise Trip

Tips for the Elderly on their First Cruise Trip

Traveling on a cruise is quite popular among senior citizens who enjoy traveling to various parts of the world. Every year, more than seventy percent of cruise tickets are booked by individuals above the age of 55. Below we’ve listed some tips which can help the elderly make their cruise travel truly memorable: Find an advantage plan here

Test the waters with a short cruise

If you haven’t been on a cruise travel before, you can start out by picking a short cruise (3-4 days) to know whether you enjoy your journey or not. Also, it is good to be flexible when it comes to the date of your travel in order to receive great discounts.

Research beforehand

Take a look at different shore excursions for seeing which of them seem to be interesting & book your ticket beforehand so that you don’t miss out.

Check for senior citizen discounts

Almost every cruise provides discounts for their customers. For instance, you can often find a special drink package. It might be worth to purchase a package of soft drinks if you’re on a tour with your grand kids.

Select a ship that is not too big

Even though these type of ships may not offer as many entertainment and dining options, they’re likely to be less crowded with most offering excursions which focus on culture & history of the region. Also, smaller cruises often travel to the ports that are more remote as compared to big cruises.

Consider an insurance policy

Many cruise lines won’t let you cancel your booking if it’s too close to the date of your departure. In case you’re reserving a long cruise which costs a hefty amount, it can be a wise idea to buy a trip cancellation insurance policy.

Packing checklists

Packing checklists make sure you bring all the things that are required for your travel. You could simply search the web for finding various checklists.

Reach the departure port at least 24 hrs ahead of time

You might get in trouble in case the flight is delayed for a particular reason. Hence, planning to arrive 24 hrs earlier can help you avoid rushes as well as unanticipated delays.

About Medigap Plans: Even though Original Medicare does cover most of your medical costs, it doesn’t cover all of them. With Medigap or Medicare supplement plans, one is able to cover the expenses which aren’t a part of Traditional Medicare policy.

Single Retirees – Meeting New People

A huge number of American men and women between the ages of 55 and 65 are single, divorced or separated. Many seniors are living alone at the time of their retirement. Most of these people may opt to retire alone, but loneliness can become difficult to cope with for some people and they also look for companionship at some point.

One of the best way to reduce this loneliness is meeting with new people and interacting with them on regular basis. Socializing with new people will not only help the elderly spend their time happily but they will also be able to handle any kind of stress and depression. The single retirees who were once married but now have lost their spouse, or the ones who never married, should meet new people to find love again. There are many online dating sites for seniors but it can even start with a simple Hello to a person you see every day while walking in the park. People seem to be wondering where can they find new people to make new friends; Join groups and activities such as arts and crafts, dancing and educational classes to meet senior women and try going to sporting events, golfing and fishing to meet new men.

Communication is the key to start dating after retirement, with this skill you will be able to meet new people who will either share your interests or have other interests that will excite you. You can go on dinners, movies and do everything you like to utilize your time in a positive manner. Doing activities together can lead to further progress in a relationship. There are some do’s and don’t of dating for seniors which many people ignore and the dating scene dies if these mistakes are made frequently. For example, most elderly people like to discuss their health problems with anyone they meet, this is a big No, at least for the first few dates. The person you are dating might be senior as well like you but you don’t need to give all your health details to him or her as soon as you meet them. Talk about your likes/dislikes, hobbies and future plans.

Furthermore, there are retirees who have been living alone in their homes. With age, living alone may not be feasible as they might not be able to carry out everyday household chores as they used to. Therefore, it would be easy for them to move to retirement homes where they will be well taken care of and they will meet many new people of all ages. These retirement homes also engage their residents in a number of activities which involve group interactions and it is also a good way of meeting new people.

As time passes, the social circle changes. The people get engaged in other activities and get busy with their lives. As a result, in some cases, the old contacts are lost. However, retirees can also start to look for people through social media or their surroundings who have same interests as them. This will give them a comfortable start to new friendships. They can also interact with people who may have different interests as it will provide them an opportunity to learn new things which will be engaging and fun.

It is never too late to find love but you need to love yourself first to be able to attract people. Take good care of yourself and your health. Eat healthy and stay active, invest your retirement funds wisely and get a Medicare supplement plan or a medicare advantage plans 2019 for future to help you pay your medical bills.   Get a free quote at new friends after 60 may not be an easy task for some as they may have to go out of their comfort zone. But taking a look at new things will not only enlighten them but also broaden their own perspectives. Thus, it is always beneficial when it comes to meeting new people at all ages.


An insight of Medicare Supplement Plans on Inpatient – Outpatient care

A Medicare Supplement that is known as ‘Medigap’ policy is sold by private companies and they assist in paying the health care costs such as deductibles, copayments and coinsurance that is not covered actually under the Original Medicare.


The original Medicare includes the coverage of Part A and B and this depends on the status of the hospital to consider a patient as inpatient or outpatients. These terms inpatient and outpatient matters because hospital insurance that is Medicare Part A covers inpatient care , while the medical insurance falls under Medicare Part B that covers the outpatient expenses. This means as an inpatient your hospital admission can affect coverage.  Thus, it is very important to know the Medicare coverage of inpatient and outpatient care.


Who is an inpatient?

Inpatient is when your doctor orders you for admission and formally admits you into a hospital room. This means you are under the doctor’s care and gives care instructions as you are in the hospital and so you are an inpatient until discharged. It may also be just an overnight stay at the hospital without the status of being inpatient.


Who is an outpatient?

If you go to a hospital for diagnostic tests or x-rays or visit emergency department or same-day surgery, you visit a hospital but are an outpatient as you spend the time to receive particular services. You are an inpatient only if you are admitted formally by the doctor orders.


Medicare Supplement Plans qualify you at least when you are in a hospital as inpatient for three days. This includes the admission first day, but not the day you are discharged.

Get a free quote on Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 by going to

How Medicare pays for inpatient vs. outpatient care?

Getting formally admitted in a hospital as inpatient is covered by Medicare Part A and you pay deductible Part A and this is covered generally in the first 60 days of your admission in hospital. Part A typically pays for meals, semi-private room, medical supplies, nursing care and treatments, in addition to prescription drugs required to treat you in the hospital.  Part B Medicare covers the visits of the doctor in the hospital and it is subjected to deductible Part B and coinsurance 20% amounts.


While, if you are getting at the hospital outpatient care and are under observation, Part B covers allowable costs and pays coinsurance amount. Having Medicare Supplement plans helps to get coverage for both, inpatient and outpatient as it covers copayments, deductible amounts and coinsurance.


In fact, Medicare Supplement plans get your benefits of Medicare as required same as Part A and B Original Medicare , except for the Part A hospice care  that is still only covered by Part A.

Medicare Supplement Plans, the Medigap Must know details

sold by private companies and it helps people in paying the costs of health care that is not covered by the Original Medicare such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments.


Some Medicare Supplement plans cover the services that the Original Medicare does not, such as medical care if you go traveling outside the U.S. Having Original Medicare and buying a Medigap policy indicates Medicare will pay for the Medicare-approved amount that covers the costs of health care. It is then that your Medigap policy pays.


A Medigap insurance policy is not the same as Medicare Advantage Plan.  Here are few things one must know regarding Medigap insurance policies.


  • It is a must to have Part A and B Medicare to have Medigap.
  • Having a Medicare Advantage Plan means you can get a Medigap policy, but ascertain before the starting of your Medigap policy you leave the Medicare Advantage Plan.  Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans 2019 by visiting
  • You pay monthly premium to the private insurance company for the Medigap policy besides the Part B premium to Medicare.
  • Medical Supplements Plan, the Medigap policy covers one person only and so a husband and a wife also must buy separate policies.
  • Medigap policy can be purchase from any insurance company in the state, ensure it is licensed.
  • The Medigap policy that is standardized is certainly renewable and until you pay the premium it is active.
  • Some policies of Medigap covered prescription drugs in the past, but the policies sold after 2006 are not permitted drug coverage. In case you want coverage for prescription drug, join Part D Medicare Prescription Plan for drugs.

 medicare advantage plans 2019

Few valid points to know

  • Medicare Supplement Plans policies do not cover all.
  • The Medigap policies also do not cover dental or vision care, long term care, eyeglasses, hearing aids or private-duty nursing.


Insurance plans – not Medigap

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Prescription drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans such as PPO, HMO or Private fee- service plan
  • Tricare
  • Union or employer plans including the health benefits program of the Federal employees
  • Long term care
  • Veterans benefits


Dropping Medigap policy, know about it

If you wish to drop the Medigap policy entirely, timing is important. This is because you may expect a new Medigap policy that has drug coverage as well or wish to switch to Medicare Advantage Plan offering prescription drug cover. You will have to go in a row for 63 days or more before a new Medicare drug coverage starts.

Five Exams For a Healthy Body

Most people wish to be healthy and know they need to watch their food intake and to do some form of exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Another consideration would be to get a yearly physical from one’s own physician. The physician will examine you to find out if your body is working properly and all physical systems are working to their full potential. A doctor may order several tests to accomplish obtaining the information he will need to see you have a healthy body.

When going to a doctor, one of the first tests he will administer is the taking of your blood pressure. This is a good starting point to see if your heart is working properly. Anyone with one of the many Medigap plans will have this covered by insurance. Many people have hypertension and can be determined by taking the blood pressure. High or low pressure can have significant problems for the patient. A doctor can advise taking of certain medicines to help with this ailment.

Heart disease is something many people worry about. Especially if they have a family history with family members having had heart attacks or high blood pressure. The tests administered may be an EKG, ECG, Echos and Coronary calcium scan. These tests will help the doctor to know if there is any problems with one’s heart. It is a good idea to have your doctor prescribe these tests before one decides on any strenuous activity or exercise regime.

When one has a family history of breast cancer in their family, it is essential to have regular mammograms to catch any irregularities sooner than later. Feeling the the breast for any lumps may not be enough to determine if there is any problem. A mammogram is an x-ray that can see inside the breast for any lumps or cancerous problems.

We all have cholesterol in our bodies, but only need a small amount. When the amount of cholesterol is too great it can settle in the arteries and narrow them, so the blood has a hard time getting through. This can cause a heart attack. It is important to know one’s levels of high density Lipoprotein and low density Lipoprotein to have a healthy heart. Your triglycerides which is another fatty material that can also clog the arteries.

Getting a yearly blood test will help a doctor to see if there are any abnormalities that may have to do with your illness. Your platelet count is very important to determine if you are ill. When doing a full blood test, they may include your thyroid to see if it is functioning normally.